How to Setup IPTV on the MYTVonline App of the Formuler Box?

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In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to bring your IPTV subscription to your MYTV Online on FormulerZ.

FormulerZ or S Boxes with MyTvOnline application use the following three configuration methods:

  • Portal/Stalker with MAC/ID registered with IPTV provider
  • Xtreme Codes Api (XC) with username and password
  • M3U Playlists

What does a Formuler Z8 do?

FORMULER Z8 offers a full-suite of advanced input and output connections to satisfy even the most demanding users. Get access to the latest versions of popular apps with the all-new Android operating system. The Formuler-exclusive MYTVOnline 2 IPTV Client app is also included free-of-charge.

Configuring the Portal on MyTvOnline

After subscribing to an IPTV subscription, you will receive the Portal link to use, which must be inserted into the MyTvOnline application. For example

Your mac address will be registered on our side of the server (when registering, please enter the mac address of your Formuler Z/S box. It starts with 00:1A:79:…. starting with).

Configuration on MyTvOnline 1:

Go to MyTvOnline > Menu > Portal → Edit Portal (see video)

Configuration on MyTvOnline 2:

Go to MyTvOnline 2 > Menu > Connections > Add Portal (see picture) and press “Connect”.

mytvonline2 setup portal

MyTvOnline Xtream code setup

The only difference is that instead of registering the MAC address, you insert the login data (username and password). We provide you with this data directly.

Suppose you are given data, for example:
Portal:, Username: family4k Password:123456.

Portal title: family4k IPTV
Portal URL:
Do I need to log in? Yes, please enable it. Username: family4k

Xtream code configuration on MyTvOnline 1:

Go to MyTvOnline > Menu > Portal > Edit Portal

mytvonline edit portal

Xtream code configuration on MyTvOnline 2:

Go to MyTvOnline 2 > Menu > Connect > Add Portal and press “Connect”.

mytvonline2 setup xc

Setting M3U links on MyTvOnline

M3U playlist URLs are different and much longer than Portal or XC (Xtream-codes) URLs.
If you get an M3U URL, it may look like the following example:

The EPG XML URL should be similar to the following example: “”.

M3U playlist configuration on MyTvOnline 1:

Go to MyTvOnline > Menu > Playlists → Edit Playlist

mytvonline setup m3u link

M3U playlist configuration on MyTvOnline 2:

Go to MyTvOnline 2>Menu>Connection>Playlists>Add Playlist and press Connect.

mytvonline2 setup m3u playlist


How do I add apps to my Formuler Z8?

Download the APK file to your PC and save it to a USB drive, insert the USB drive into your device. Go to Home u003e File Manager / File Browser application and install the application.

How to add multiple IPTV providers in Mytvonline?

Just to be sure please try the following:u003cbru003eu003cbru003e1) open my online appu003cbru003e2) once opened press the ‘menu’ button on your remote controlu003cbru003e3) use arrow keys on your remote control and select ‘PORTALS’ then press ok.u003cbru003e4) Now press the left arrow on the remote to deselect the existing portal and use arrows on the remote to select one that says ‘+ Edit Portal’ (an empty portal) then use right arrow to edit it.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe Mytvonline app allows up to 5 portals.

How do you clear the cache on Mytvonlne1?

Clearing Cache and data in MOL1:u003cbru003e1. Home Menu -u003e Cogwheelu003cbru003e2. Androidu003cbru003e3. Appsu003cbru003e4. Mytvonlineu003cbru003e5. Storageu003cbru003e6. Clear Cache + Clear Data

How do I install APK on form8 z8?

Download APK file(s) to your computer.
Insert your USB drive to PC and create a folder named “APKS”. ( …
Copy APK file(s) and paste the file(s) into the folder.
Plug the USB drive into your Formuler device and Power on.
APK install window will open Automatically.

To sum up:

If you have read this tutorial carefully, we believe you have understood how to bring your IPTV subscription to your MYTV online on FormulerZ. We recommend to use the second method Xtream code in your IPTV subscription. This method will allow you to use your subscription on other devices, such as smartphones, tablets or computers.