IPTV Canada Subscription


  • Watch live channels, TV movies, and sports channels from the Cannada
  • Support 7/24H/365
  • 4K/UHD, HD, and SD quality
  • 9000+ Live Channels
  • 20,000 Movies+ 15,000 Series
  • Famous Premium Sports & PPV Events
  • Time-Shift & EPG
  • Uptime 99.99%
  • Support all devices
  • M3U & MAG& Emigma &IOS & Android & Windows & Linux

Note: The subscription is a one-time payment (No Recurring nor Pre-approved).

When a subscription expired, you have to make a new transaction to renew.

Contact us via WhatsApp before purchase to get a 2-day free trial.

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IPTV Canada Subscription

OTV IPTV offers 9,000 + live channels, and 50,000 + movie and sports channels from all over the world, including live channels from the Canadian countries. Stable 4K/FHD/HD/SD, no buffering!
OTV IPTV allows you to watch all live sports, PPVS, football matches, and popular TV shows from around the world. Besides, you can watch your favorite channel at home.


IPTV Canada Subscription Details

  1. The full channels package Included Canada/Latin America / North America/ Australia /UK/ Arabic / Asia / Europe
  2. Various types of programs: Movies / VIP Series / Cartoon / Music / News / Discovery / Life
  3. KIDS Premium channels: Carton Films / Music / Disney+ Action
  4. Premium Sports channels:USA Sports /Australia Sport/ UK Sports / Arabic Sports / France Sports / Germany Sports / / Canada Sports
  5. Live Channels: With over 9,000 English and foreign channels: Canada, Australia, UK, Arabic, Saudi Arabic, UAE, Turkey, Kurdish, Kuwait, USA,  Mexico,  NZ, FR, DE, IT, Spanish, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Portugal, Brazil, Africa, South Africa, Kenya, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Japan…
  6. Movies (VOD): over 20,000 movies of all genres, including weekly updates of recent box office movies
  7. Series (VOD): more than 15,000 series, including regular updates of all your favorite series

IPTV Canada Subscription Plan

OTV IPTV subscription plan offers Canada package subscriptions:1/6/12/24-month subscription packages.

Provide the best solution at the best price. It also allows you to watch your favorite movies, TV, and sports events in Canada.
Whether it’s for competition, teamwork, or fitness, sports have always been Canadian favorite pastime. whether it’s watching or playing. While hockey and football remain the country’s most cliche and famous sports,
You can choose our subscription plan to watch the most influential games in Canada. (For example, ice hockey, hockey, golf, football, baseball, and tennis…)

Click here: IPTV Canada Subscription Plan.


If you are not familiar with our services. OTV IPTV offers a 48-hour free trial to new subscribers in Canada and globally to test the stability of our channels and services.No charge before the test, you can enjoy the service to bring you fun!

Click here: IPTV Free Trial.

How to use OTV IPTV in Canada?

In Canada, our OTV IPTV is easy to operate and install, and only 3 simple steps are required to complete the plan.

  1. Step 1:Choose an IPTV Plan
  2. Step 2: Download the IPTV App
  3. Step 3: Activate

Why OTV IPTV Canada Subscription?

Fast Reliable Servers:

OTV IPTV is a reliable and stable US IPTV server, that supports 24H/7 technology maintains All the codes or reseller panels working, and guarantees uninterrupted service. High


Compatible with all devices, including MAG, Android, XBMC, Enigma, IPTV Box, PC, and Smart TV.

Top-notch Support:

We are 24H/7 available for Live Chat on Whatsapp / WeChat /Skype/Telegram Don`t hesitate to contact us and ask for a test trial.

Cost Savings:

The average cost of a cable subscription is well over $150. We can put over 80% of that money back into your pocket.

FHD & 4K Streaming:

FHD &4K channels streaming, no freezing and buffering. We also update new channels, movies, and series regularly.

Easy Setup:

Our new Apk app is easy to use and install. Even the most non-technical savvy people are able to start using the app in minutes.


Canada #1 Best IPTV provider

If you are tired of watching TV and want to relax and watch movies, then OTV IPTV can provide what you want. The excellent service is recommended! You’ll get all local channels, such as CBC, CTV, Global, City Tv, and so on. The list goes on. There are also plenty of American channels including NBC, CBS, WSBK, PeachTree, AMC, History, Discovery…
OTV IPTV offers high-quality streaming services and is Canada’s #1’s best IPTV provider.

Fastest IPTV subscription service on Canada servers

With our amazing fast server time, your application will soon be available for you to use.
Have a high-end server, that supports all devices. You can use it on any third-party player. OTV IPTV supports All devices and can run on All Android Devices with IPTV Smathers, Smart TVs, Mag Boxes, All types of Enigma2 Receivers, KODI on PC, Xbox, Android, iOS, PC, Xbox, iOS, Formuler Z /Z7+, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K above.

Most popular Canada IPTV subscription

Non-stop entertainment, the most popular US IPTV subscription
click to watch and enjoy your favorite channels. We offer the best service with 9,000 + live channels and 50,000 + movies. There are also plenty of sports channels. We assure you of a basic zero buffer. Join the best IPTV servers and access all channels from around the world.

Canada’s best Premium IPTV subscription

OTV IPTV offers a free 48-hour test so you can better test the service before you subscribe at no charge. OTV IPTV stable, with 4K live channels, subscription package services cost-effective, affordable. Is Canada the best Premium IPTV subscription service?
Customer service comes first, 24x7x365 days of customer service is at your side. Streaming media transmission First, streaming has 99-99% uptime. zero interruptions and zero buffering of programs and video.

Best Sports IPTV in Canada

Spring is usually an exciting time in the sports world in Canada, with the NHL and NBA both in the playoffs and the baseball season in full swing. There is usually no shortage of games to watch. If you enjoy exercise, then you have many options to solve your exercise problem!
With the OTV IPTV Sports subscription, you can not only watch games from your home country and other countries.
but also start following local teams as you immerse yourself in Canadian culture.
You can have SportsNet, TSN, RDS, OneSoccer, ATN, and many more. If you are a sports fan, through these channels you can watch all the broadcasts of The Premier League, the home of Canadian soccer. You can watch UFC boxing matches and regular Asian sports. (e.g. cricket, hockey, badminton, etc.)


Is IPTV illegal Canada?

Most legal TV providers in Canada also offer services such as Internet or telephone service. Media distributors like Start TV are restricted by Canadian broadcasting laws from offering IPTV services to customers who do not have the provider’s Internet service.

How soon can I use the service?

You will get your subscription within 24 hours, but usually, all subscriptions are sent within 8 hours after you place your order.

Do you offer trial or free trial accounts?

Yes, you can enjoy a 2-day trial of Best IPTV with OTV completely free of charge. Test the quality stream and stability, then decide to sign up.

Do I need a VPN for IPTV in Canada?

Although IPTV and VPN are two very distinct technologies, it must be said that the use of an IPTV requires that of a VPN. The first good reason to use a VPN for IPTV is to enjoy unlimited content from around the world without any geographical restrictions.

I am not here or from USA/Canada or UK. Can I still subscribe?

OTV IPTV offers IPTV services worldwide, so you can subscribe from any corner of the world and activate an OTV IPTV subscription immediately.

Why can’t my account run on my MAG box or STB emulator?

There are many reasons why your account may not work. Here are some reasons:
  1. Make sure you give us the correct MAC address
  2. Make sure your Internet is fast and meets IPTV standards
  3. Check whether your device is connected to Ethernet or WiFi. If connected to WiFi, use Ethernet.
  4. Make sure your device specifications can handle HD streaming media
  5. Follow the steps in our guide to set up your STB emulator
  6. Make sure to restart the device before using the MAG box
  7. If you are using a MAG Box /Android device, please reset your device to factory mode
  8. Check the server portal we sent you in the activation message and try again.
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