How to Use iView HD IPTV on Formuler Box

For IPTV enthusiasts, the Formuler Z8 represents a value-packed option for streaming. If you’re looking to get started with iView HD IPTV on your Formuler Box, this guide is for you. We’ll walk through the steps to install and activate iView HD IPTV on Formuler Z8, ensuring you can enjoy a wide array of channels, including sports, news, and more.

If you don’t already have an iView HD IPTV subscription, click here to get a free 72-hour IPTV trial.

Installing iView HD IPTV on Formuler Z8

There are several methods to install iView HD IPTV on Formuler Box. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Using Downloader:

  1. Install Downloader: Open the Google Play Store on your Formuler Z8 and download the Downloader app.
  2. Enter URL: Launch Downloader and input the iView HD IPTV APK URL.
  3. Install: Follow the prompts to download and install the APK file.

Using USB Stick:

  1. Prepare USB Stick: Format a USB stick with NTFS file system and download the iView HD IPTV APK to it from your PC.
  2. Install via File Manager: Insert the USB stick into your Formuler Z8 and use the File Manager to install the app.

Using Web Browser:

  1. Direct Download: Open the web browser on your Formuler Z8, go to the iView HD IPTV website, and download the APK.
  2. Install: Use the built-in file manager of Formuler Z8 to install the downloaded app.

iView HD IPTV Download URL

iView HD App

iView HD Plus App

Activating iView HD IPTV Subscription on Formuler Z8

Once installed, activating your iView HD IPTV subscription is simple:

  1. Launch iView HD App: Open the app on your Formuler Z8.
  2. Enter Activation Code: Click the user icon, enter your iView HD IPTV subscription code, and click OK.


  • What is iView HD IPTV?: A subscription-based streaming service offering a variety of global TV channels.
  • Legality: The legality varies by country; ensure compliance with local laws.
  • What is Formuler Z8?: A high-performance IPTV set-top box running on Android.
  • Features on Formuler Z8: User-friendly interface, EPG support, catch-up TV, VOD, recording, multi-screen functionality, up to 4K resolution support.


Setting up iView HD IPTV on Formuler Box is a straightforward process that opens up a world of streaming possibilities. With iView HD IPTV on Formuler Z8, you’re equipped to enjoy a diverse range of content in high quality. Remember, always use IPTV services responsibly and by local laws. Happy streaming!