How to install and use Room IPTV on your device?| 2022

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With the increasingly widespread use of IPTV services, a number of IPTV players compatible with IPTV services have emerged on the market, bringing convenience to users. Although there are many IPTV applications with their own characteristics, one of them, the Room IPTV player, is worth our attention.

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how to install and use the Room IPTV player on your own device and trust me, you’ll get a lot out of it because it will contain everything you need.


What is Room IPTV?

Room IPTV is an IPTV application specifically designed as a full-featured player application. Is an M3U player that combines advanced features, performance, ergonomics, and design for Android phones and TVs. Room IPTV does not contain any channels, movies, or TV shows. – You must add playlists and search for relevant content: channels, movies, or TV shows by adding a separate IPTV service! – Adds and manages favorites from channels, movies, or TV shows.

Key Features

  • Multiple playlists.
  • Subtitles and audio selection for media.
  • Add and manage favorites to channels, movies, or TV shows.
  • Smart fast IPTV player for TVs, boxes, and mobile devices
  • Room IPTV is an excellent alternative to Smart IPTV Xtream Player.
  • Free download of Room IPTV APK for Android.

How to install Room IPTV on Samsung Smart TV?

Room IPTV is an m3u player that combines advanced features, performance, ergonomy, and design for Smart TVs. Follow these steps to learn how to install and configure Room IPTV on Samsung Smart TV.

Note: The app can be used on Samsung SMART TVS, but requires converting the TV to the US store.

Step 1: Turn on the Samsung smart TV.

Note: Remember, your TV must be connected to the Internet if you want to download the app, Click smart Hub. On your remote, press a few color buttons in the middle. This button is called Smart Hub. For some remote controls, it’s a button with a picture of the house on it.

Step 2: Choose the Samsung app. Using the arrow on the remote, go to my app and select the Samsung app by clicking the button in the middle of the arrow.

Step 3: Find Room IPTV.

Step 4: Click Install. When you enter the application page, click Download, then Install, and finally Run. Here, you’ve restored the Smart IPTV application on your Samsung TV.

How to install Room IPTV on Android devices?

Here are the steps to download and install Room IPTV APK for Android. But first, let’s take a look at some APK file basics. Some apps or games can’t be found in the Google Store, so you need to type the URL into your browser to download them.

Step 1: Download Room IPTV APK on your Android device.

Step 2: Choose the download method.

-You can directly open” Google Play” on your Android device and type “Room IPTV” to complete the installation

-open a browser and type to download.

Step 3: Allow third-party applications to be installed.

If you receive an installation warning after starting a saved file, click Menu > Settings > Security > and select Unknown Source to allow installation from that source! Do this only if you install unknown APK files for the first time.

Step 4: Locate and install the downloaded APK file.

Find the Room IPTV APK file through the File Manager application. It is usually located in the Downloads folder. Then open it and continue the installation.

Step 5: Start the application.

How to install Room IPTV on Firestick?

Installing Room IPTV on Firestick is the same as installing most IPTV apps, we all have to use the Downloader App to side-load the applications we need.

Step 1: Allow the installation of apps from unknown sources: Go to Settings > My Fire TV> Developer Options > Click “Install Unknown Apps” > Click “Open.

Step 2: Download Downloader App: Go back to the home page, enter Downloader in the search box, and download and install it.

Step 3: Open the Downloader App, enter in the address bar, then click Go.

Step 4: Wait for the download to complete and select install.

How to Set Up the IPTV playlist in Room IPTV?

Step 1: Turn on Room IPTV on your device.

Step 2: Remember the MAC address that appears on the screen.

Step 3: Open your browser and type “

Step 4: Scroll down to “Adding PlayList” and click “Add MultiPlayList link“.

add playlist

Step 5: Enter the login device ID and click “Get Started“.

enter device id

Step 6: Click “Add Playlist” and enter the M3U link. Click here to get an IPTV subscription, get an M3U link, add an IPTV service list

enter M3U link

Step 7: Enjoy IPTV service on-demand channels.

Room IPTV home page

Video Tutorial – how to add a Room IPTV account

Here is a video tutorial on how to add a Room IPTV account.

Which is the best IPTV subscription for Room IPTV?

Family4K Pro IPTV is a premium IPTV subscription provider with many years of experience. IPTV services provide users with the best image quality through a robust and stable interference-free server, ensuring users get the best quality live TV and VOD.


Overall, Room IPTV is a great alternative to IPTV players, especially for Android phones and smart TVs. However, like all IPTV players, Room IPTV doesn’t contain any channels, movies, or TV shows, so you’ll need to subscribe to a separate IPTV service to add playlists. The Family4K IPTV is worth recommending, and if you haven’t tried it yet, trust me, choose it and you will get a different experience.