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How to find Firestick developer options?

Enabling the developer options on FireStick devices can be a valuable tool for users looking to install third-party applications that are not available on the Amazon App Store, ultimately making the device more customizable. However, because Amazon does not prominently display this option, many users may not be aware of its existence.

To address this, we have created a comprehensive guide that outlines how to locate and activate the developer option on all FireStick devices, including the FireStick 4K Max, FireStick Lite, FireStick 4K, and Fire TV Cube. Whether you are a casual user or a developer, our guide will provide step-by-step instructions to help you easily enable the developer options on your device.

Steps to Find Developer Options on Amazon FireStick

1. Go to FireStick Settings

On your FireStick home screen, use your remote to navigate to the Settings option on the top menu bar.

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2. Click My Fire TV

After opening the Settings option, you will see several options on the list. Please scroll down and select My Fire TV.

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3. Click About

If you already see Developer Options on the list, click on it and skip to step 7. If you do not see Developer Options, click on About to continue.

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4. Click on your Fire TV Stick quickly 7 times

Once on the About screen, click on your Fire TV Stick quickly 7 times. You will see a message at the bottom of the screen that says “You are now a developer!”.

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5. Go back to the previous screen

Press the back button once to go back to the previous screen.

6. Click Developer Options

On the My Fire TV screen, scroll down and select Developer Options.

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7. Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

Once you are on the Developer Options screen, you can enable Apps from Unknown Sources. This will allow you to install third-party apps on your FireStick device. Check it out: Firestick unknown sources.

Install Unknown apps

Congratulations! You have successfully found and enabled Developer Options on your FireStick device. Now you can sideload APK files and enjoy your favorite third-party streaming apps.

Video Tutorial: How to get Developer Options on Firestick

One of the recent Firestick updates removed Developer Options from The Amazon Firestick, but you can still bring it back.


Why is there no developer options on my FireStick?

There could be several reasons why there are no developer options on your FireStick. It could be due to a software update that removed the option or a glitch in the system. However, you can easily restore the developer options by following the step-by-step guide provided in this article. Restoring the developer options will allow you to install third-party apps on your FireStick device and enjoy a wider variety of streaming options.

How do I enable developer options?

To enable Developer Options on an Android device, including the FireStick, follow these steps:
1. Go to “Settings” from the home screen of your FireStick.
2. Select the “My Fire TV” or “Device” option (depending on your FireStick version).
3. Scroll down and select “Developer Options.”
4. Select “Apps from Unknown Sources” to allow the installation of third-party apps.
5. If you don’t see the “Developer Options” menu, select “About” and then click on the “Build” option 7 times in quick succession.
6. You should see a message saying “You are now a developer!” and the Developer Options will appear in the settings menu.
With these steps, you can easily enable Developer Options and install any third-party apps on your FireStick.

How do I get unknown Apps on FireStick?

To get unknown apps on FireStick, you need to enable the “Apps from Unknown Sources” option in the Developer Options menu. Here are the steps to do it:
1. Go to “Settings” from the home screen of your FireStick.
2. Scroll to the right and select “My Fire TV” (or “Device” if you’re using an older version).
3. Select “Developer Options.”
4. Turn on the “Apps from Unknown Sources” option.
5. A warning message will appear, click on “Turn On.”
6. Go back to the home screen, search for the “Downloader” app, and install it.
7. Open the “Downloader” app, enter the URL of the APK file you want to install, and click “Download.”
8. Once the APK file is downloaded, click “Install” to install the app.
That’s it! You can now install any third-party app on your FireStick using this method.

Wrapping Up

To summarize, activating the Developer option on your FireStick device allows you to install third-party applications from unknown sources. However, it is crucial to exercise caution and only download applications from reliable sources to safeguard the security of your device and personal data. If you have any doubts regarding an application’s source or safety, it is best to avoid installing it altogether.

It is also important to note that the developer options are intended for advanced users and developers. If you are unfamiliar with the purpose of these options, it is not advisable to modify them without understanding their implications, as this can negatively impact your device’s performance and stability.


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