How to Add Favorites on iView HD IPTV

Navigating through a vast array of channels and shows on IPTV can be overwhelming. That’s where the IPTV Favorites function of iView HD IPTV comes into play. It allows you to customize your viewing experience by creating a list of your favorite channels and shows. This tutorial will guide you on how to use this feature effectively.

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Setting Up Favorites in iView HD App

To use the iView HD App, ensure you have a valid IPTV subscription. Here’s how to add channels to your favorites:

  1. Access Live TV: Open the iView HD App and head to the Live TV section.
  2. Select a Channel: Navigate to your preferred channel and press the OK button.
  3. Activate Favorites: Long-press the OK button while the channel is playing. Select the star-shaped icon to add the channel to your favorites.
  4. Access Favorites: Go to the channel list and click on Favorites to see your added channel.

Removing Channels from Favorites

Removing channels is as simple as adding them:

  1. Play the Channel: From your favorites list, play the channel you want to remove.
  2. Remove from Favorites: Long-press the OK button and select the star icon to remove the channel.

Creating a Customized Favorite Channel List

  1. Open Fav Manager: On the app’s home screen, select “Fav Manager”.
  2. Create New Group: Click on “Add Group”, name your list, and select “Add Channels”.
  3. Customize Your List: Add channels according to your preference and save the changes.

Adding Movies or TV Series to Favorites

To bookmark movies or TV series for later viewing:

  1. Select Content: From the main menu, choose either Movies or TV Series.
  2. Add to Favorites: Click on the desired movie or series and select “ADD FAV”.
  3. Access Favorites: Find your saved content in the Fav section.


What is the IPTV Favorites Function?

A feature to personalize your content list for easy access.

Does iView HD IPTV Offer Favorites?

Yes, iView HD IPTV provides this feature in both standard and Plus apps.

Need a Subscription?

Yes, an active iView HD IPTV subscription is necessary to use the favorites function.


The favorites function on iView HD IPTV enhances your viewing experience by allowing you to create a personalized list of channels and content. This feature saves time and provides convenient access to your preferred shows. If you don’t have a subscription, consider trying a free trial to explore the full capabilities of iView HD IPTV.