IPTVX: How to Activate and Configure an IPTV 4K

Do you like to use the iPad to catch up with the drama and the game? This tutorial introduces IPTVX, a player designed for iPad, which supports major formats and services, including SMB (for NAS/server and computer), M3U, M3U8 and Xtream API.

What is IPTVX, and how to install and download IPTVX and configure IPTV 4K on it to watch your channels? You can find the answers to all of them in this article.

What is IPTVX?

IPTVX is the best IPTV on Apple TV and allows you to organize movies, series, live TV shows, documentaries, and more into a single library on Apple TV. IPTVX looks and feels like a Netflix-style layout.

IPTVX 11zon


  • Netflix-style navigation.
  • Movie overview, cover, and details when channels are highlighted.
  • The movie information is downloaded in the language set on the Apple TV.
  • Continue Watching (from where you left off) section: Once you start watching the movie or TV series, it will be displayed automatically.
  • Favorites: Long press a movie or TV show to add/delete in the choices, and a new section will appear automatically.
  • Pause/play and move the cursor back and forth while the video is paused: Simply pause the video and move your finger on the AppleTV remote.
  • TV series have a dedicated page that contains a complete list of episodes, including titles, images, and descriptions. They will also show progress, and you will be able to continue watching from where you left off.
  • When the series is nearing the end, the series will display the “Next episode” button; If it is not pressed, it will proceed automatically at the end of the episode. Movies and TV series marked as adult content in the movie database will display the appropriate badge.


Free from the App Store or £8.99.

Supported devices

IPTVX supports the most popular Apple devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, and the latest Macs with the M1 chip.

Install and Use IPTVX on iOS/Apple TV

Adding IPTVX to an Apple device is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is follow the given instructions. You’ll be happy.

How to Download and Install

Here are the steps required to install IPTVX on Apple TV.

  1. Connect the Apple TV to your TV and turn them on.
  2. Open the App Store on Apple TV.
  3. You will find the search bar at the top of the screen. Click on the search bar.
  4. Enter the IPTVX application program in the search box.
  5. On the information page, click Obtain to install IPTVX.
  6. Wait for the app to install on your Apple TV.
  7. The IPTVX app will display on your device.

How to activate and configure IPTV 4K on IPTVX?

To use IPTVX on AppleTV, you need an IPTV subscriber to provide you with either the M3U link or the Xtream API. If you don’t already have an IPTV 4K, Family4kPro IPTV is recommended.

Step 1: Create a new playlist to install IPTVX on Apple. And then only on the new playlist.

Step 2: Select the correct domain. This is the Xtream API. You must also select other things, such as a username and password. Enter any nickname for the user name, such as Family4kPro IPTV.

Step 3: You must now fill in the domain and other Settings to log in. You will get the server URL from the sent email. Copy and paste it here for maximum efficiency. Enter the username and password of your choice.

Step 4: The next bracket is the URL of the EPG. Don’t worry about that space. You need to leave it blank.

Step 5: You must reload the frequency daily for optimal efficiency.

Step 6: Now you’re ready to watch the latest TV channels on your Apple device.

IPTVX-iptv 4k

How to extract Xtream Codes login information from M3U URL?

If your IPTV provider provides an M3U link, you can use the following method to extract information about Xtream Codes from the M3U link.

Finding these details from the M3U URL is not complicated, just a little confusing.

Here we will help you find these details easily.


There are the details you need to log in to IPTV through Xtream Codes

  • Server Address: http://Server.Address/
  • Username: family4kproiptv
  • Password: 123456

Get the M3U link for IPTVX

The best alternative to IPTVX

Android Alternative: IPTV Smarters Pro, GSE Smart IPTVXC IPTVIPTV ExtremeSmartOne IPTV

iOS Alternative: IPTV Smarters Pro and iMplayer

Smart TV Alternative: Smart IPTV, Flix IPTV, NET IPTV, SET IPTV, and SSIPTV

Firestick Alternative: IPTV Smarters, GSE Smart IPTV, IPTV Extreme, XC IPTVOTT navigator IPTV.

Windows Alternative: VLC Player, IPTV Smarters Pro

FAQs about IPTVX

Is IPTVX Pro a one-time payment?

Yes. The professional version is available for a one-time fee and lasts forever. However, it only works with AppleTV (not mobile devices) and does not give you access to all advanced features, including multiple platforms.

Can I watch IPTV on Apple TV?

Yes, you can. Install any IPTV media player and stream IPTV content.


After installing and downloading IPTVX and configuring IPTV 4K on it, you can watch your digital content, movies, and live streams in a stylish way. All your data will be synced to your Apple iCloud.